Houston High School Senior Photographer: Meet 2 of Our Reps!

The studio took on some high school senior reps this year and it was so much fun to capture these two!! The studio was looking for reps that were into activities like football, baseball, soccer, cheer or anything else that might get them active in their spare time to illustrate what we do now: extreme sports portraits as a part of the packages we offer. Chris and Kellie were more diverse than anticipated, Chris does CrossFit and Kellie does both cheer and archery. Their sessions were unique and fun and it was a pleasure to capture them! Chris even had a personal record while doing the pictures, because he is that hardcore.


Chris goes to Fort Bend Christian Academy and has a passion for computer science and crossfit. He invests a lot of time and passion to both!

Houston High School Senior Photographer 2Houston High School Senior Photographer 3Houston High School Senior Photographer 4Houston High School Senior Photographer 5

This is where Chris hit his personal record, can you tell?? Great job Chris!
Houston High School Senior Photographer 6

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Kellie is driven and invested in a ton of different activities, most importantly archery and cheerleading. She even tried out for the Olympic team as she is bad ass when it comes to archery. Can you blame me that I wanted a little bit of a Katniss quality to her sports pictures?

Houston High School Senior Photographer4Houston High School Senior Photographer5Houston High School Senior Photographer6

Houston High School Senior Photographer1Houston High School Senior Photographer2Houston High School Senior Photographer3

I love capturing high school seniors!! Since I am immature {let’s not lie, saying I have a youthful personality is just a nice way of saying what this!}, I truly get along well with seniors and this means that our sessions get fun and creative. We think outside the box and have fun with it! So reach out! My email is christine@cwrightphotographyhouston.com and would love to plan your high school senior session!