Houston Wedding Photographer–The Bougainvilleas

Oh Bougainvilleas

As I walked into this venue I was charmed. The Bougainvilleas is located a little west of downtown Houston, on Westheimer. The outside is adorned with flowers, and although it isn’t on a huge patch land, it is no less impressive. Seriously, all the images from photographing there are gorgeous.

Bridal/Groom Area

The area for the women is nice and large, with ample seating. A huge mirror adorns the right side of the room. It made some for great shots of the bride getting ready, her ladies and mom loving on her, and easy candids. I love where the flowers were placed in these pictures, it added a feminine touch to these getting ready pictures.

Bougainvilleas wedding venueHouston wedding photographer

The guy’s area is a bit smaller, but it has ample seating and a TV. I liked the room because it made for some moody pictures. It also helped that in these sets of images, the groom had some delicious scotch and cigars, which made for epic looking pictures.

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The area for the ceremony is simply beautiful. In the afternoon it gets flooded with light, which just accents all simplistic beauty of the room. At the front of the room, the roof curves, a white sheet in the back and uplighting. Seriously, it sets the mood for a beautiful wedding! As a photographer, I love all the white because it helps bounce light and is a great canvas to add personality. The seating used for this wedding were clear chairs. The couple adorned them with white sashes, and the look was simple but elegant.

Houston wedding photographer

What I loved most about this area, is just outside of the ceremony room, and surrounds it. One side is flooded with natural light and is great for doing portraits and details. The other side is the exact opposite, dark wood and pillars. It makes for some gorgeous images!

Houston wedding photography


The reception space is nice and large, with a large dance floor int he middle, and enough space for a large wedding. This wedding had space for the buffet and a bar, with a gorgeously styled seating area for the bride and groom. The ceilings are nice and high, with delicate chandeliers peppered around the space. The dark carpet offsets the white dance floor, and around the parameter is white drapings with uplighting. As a photographer I love the uplighting, it makes images, like cake cutting, so attractive.

Houston wedding details

Overall, this venue has everything–a beautiful place for the ceremony, a huge reception area, ample space to get ready and really friendly staff! It has a high-end feel to it and I love all their chandeliers. If this place wasn’t on your list, you might want to check it out.


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