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Briscoe Manor is located in Richmond Texas, on a large plot of land west of downtown Houston. The white stone on the outside is reminiscent of Ashton Gardens, but that’s where the similarities end. From the layout of the space, to the touches in every room in the venue, you can tell a lot of thought was put into making this venue an amazing place to get married. Already excited? Check them out!

Getting Ready

There are spaces for both the bride and groom to get ready in, and they are thankfully not remotely close to each other. The space for the bride is large with tons of natural light flooding into it–which is what you want! Lots of natural light means great makeup and pictures. There are tons of mirrors, comfortable seating in a room with high ceilings made of beautiful dark wood. If I were a bride, this space would make me feel both comfortable and pampered.

Briscoe Manor

For the guys, they are in a different part of the venue, and Briscoe Manor calls it the groom’s lounge. It has individual lockers for each guy, a pool table and a TV. Basically it is the perfect place for the guys to get ready. This room is on an upper level, close to the reception hall, with no windows. But it is nice and large, and is close to the bar!

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The chapel at Briscoe Manor is beautiful! It has ample space for a large amount of people, with beautiful high ceilings. The pews are made of dark wood with a nice contrasting white to display flowers in an elegant way for the aisle. But what I love the most about the chapel is the lights–they hang just high enough that when lit, they light up the entire ceiling. This makes the ceremony feel elegant. With so much of the chapel painted in neutral colors, it is the perfect canvas for a couple to make it what they want it.

Briscoe Manor

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Bridal & Amy’s Courtyard

These courtyards are my favorite spaces!! The bridal courtyard is a gorgeous stone covered area with gorgeous stone columns and flower beds, it is the perfect space for a first look, or for the bride to go for portraits of herself and her wedding party.

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Amy’s courtyard is the perfect place for cocktail hour, an intimate wedding ceremony or both! I could see myself dancing the night away under the white lights adorning the area. The wedding I photographed did a cocktail hour there, and it had high tables, water fountains and was the perfect spot for post-ceremony selfies. I also think it would be a cool space to do your last dance–intimate and romantic!

Briscoe Manor

Reception Hall

The reception hall at Briscoe Manor is attached to the courtyard. It is a nice large space, perfect for a wedding with 200 or more guests. With a white stone wall, beautiful dark wood floors and high ceilings, this space feels grand. My favorite part is the chandelier that hangs in the middle of the dance floor. It makes for beautiful first dance images! This reception hall has so much opportunity for the couple to work with the make it their own–from florals to a large cake display, anything you can think of, this hall could do.

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With so many venues in north Houston, this location is a breath of fresh air to be in west Houston. If you are planning a wedding right now, don’t discount this location!! It has everything you could need, it is a blank canvas for you to put your personality on and loads of space.


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