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One of the most beautiful venues I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at in 2016 was at Chandelier Grove. Tucked away in north Houston, this venue has ample room for two buildings plus parking and sprawling land for portraits. The owners only take a certain number of weddings a year, at an intimate size. With its barn location and greenery, it is one of my favorite places to photograph a wedding.

The House


Not every venue has the space for both the bride and groom to get ready in. Even if there is a space for the groom and his wedding party, most venues have a tiny space for them, making taking pictures more challenging. At Chandelier Grove, this is the exact opposite. There is a kitchen, a living room and reading room for the men to relax in. They are tucked away comfortably at the rear of the house, making the front the space for the bride and her wedding party. The room has plenty of space for a large wedding party and the family. Everything is in dark wood and decorated beautifully. Also, with ample seating, the wedding party can lounge as pictures are taken and the bride gets ready.

Chandelier Grove wedding photographercaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-6-web

caroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-2-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-4-webHouston wedding photographerOutside the house are little nooks for pictures. The front is the perfect spot for group pictures of the bridesmaids getting ready, but truly, almost any side works! On the left side of the house, there is a small pathway where the sun hits perfectly in the afternoon. This is the perfect spot for couple pictures and a first look, if you choose to have one. There were a few bees there the day of the wedding, but after I screamed a little, we all lived!Houston wedding photographer


caroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-18-webChandelier Grove wedding photographercaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-32-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-37-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-40-webcaroline-n-michael1-webThe Barn

This barn is what wedding dreams are made of!! On the outside it is large and white, with some glass windows on one side. There is one side, near the entrance, where the ceremonies occur, if outdoors. With the ceremony happening in front of a gorgeous barn door, it is perfect framing for a ceremony. On the day of the wedding I was at, it was raining intermittently, so the ceremony occurred indoors. But that is the perk of this space–there is a back-up space in case of rain! We used the barn for family pictures and wedding party pictures and they turned out ah-mazing!

Houston wedding photographercaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-85-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-87-webThere is a side for dinner and a side is for the ceremony/dance floor. The dinner area has a lot of natural wood on the walls {cause you know, it’s a barn}, and wooden beams. The ceiling is high, which allows for, and basically encourages the design of the tables to have higher floral arrangements. At the wedding I helped capture, the florals were a mixed in height, and it looked elegant!

caroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-97-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-109-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-94-webHouston wedding photographer

The opposite side is perfect as an indoor ceremony site/dance floor. There are tons of windows for natural light, which is perfect for the ceremony, because it makes the wedding look magical. As a photographer I love it because it evenly lights the ceremony and leads to gorgeous images! The space isn’t overly large though, so if your invite list is over 200 people, it would be best to have an outdoor ceremony.

caroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-41-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-62-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-64-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-68-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-71-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-77-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-80Houston wedding photographer

As a dance floor, Chandelier Grove knows how to throw a party! There is a stage for a Dj or band, space for a bar or two, plus tons of dancing. Also, there is great lighting, the acoustics are perfect, and it all leads to a great party. There are also places for people to go in and out, in case they need some air or a smoke break. At the wedding I helped capture, they had a band, the Royal Dukes, and they killed it! In fact, when the bad took a break people made noises of sadness.

caroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-148-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-153-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-149-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-145-webcaroline-and-michael-chandelier-grove-136-webChandelier Grove wedding photographer


I need to be honest here, I never write reviews about a venue. I should, but that thought is for another day. This venue is so beautiful, it inspired me to write about it. Newly engaged? I highly recommend you put this venue on your list. They have ample space, a wonderful team that works there and your pictures will be simply stunning. I cannot recommend this venue more!!

A special thank you to Stacy Anderson Photography for having me as her second photographer for that wedding.

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