Houston Wedding Photographer – Heaven on Earth

Why Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is up next on venues I photographed at in 2016. This venue reminds me of Kendall Plantation, specifically the reception area. You can see the magic of that wedding here.

Getting Ready

Heaven on Earth is this huge home that has two separate bedroom areas for both the bride and the groom to get ready in. The bridal area has an ornate bed, which is perfect to showcase the dress for pictures. It also has many different ways in and out of it, so it gives the photographer the ability to be a fly on the wall if they choose, while the bride is getting in her dress.

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The guys side is a little less glamorous, but it has a poker table. And honestly, that was the best. The pictures I got from that table made my life!

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The space is big enough to have an indoor chapel. It has high ceilings, a balcony and lots of seating. The area where the couple gets married is by lots of windows, so there is ample lighting. I like this chapel because it makes the wedding feel intimate. There is just enough seating, plus lots of areas for a photographer to capture the vows and the family reactions.

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The reception area is what truly sells this space. It has a grand staircase, uplighting, plenty of space for tons of tables…I could go on. It’s an older home, so everything has this victorian feel to it. But for a wedding? It is perfect. You want to have a bit of charm to your space. This place is grand and intimate at the same time.

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Sadly I have no photographs of the grounds from this wedding as it was raining cats and dogs that day. As I ran from my car to the venue I took in all the landscaping and was sad when I knew no pictures could happen there. There are bridges, archways, the porch itself has columns that would capture beautifully. Thus I feel I need to photograph there again. They do have preferred vendors, but I would be willing to work with a couple regarding my price to shoot there again.

Thank you Stacy Anderson Photography for inviting me to be your right-hand woman at this wedding. It was a blast!

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