Houston Wedding Photographer: Maggie & John Get Married {at Nouveau Art Bar!}

Maggie & John have a palpable chemistry, a joy for life, and a passion for their two adorable dogs! Having been together for over 4 years, these two are comfortable as pie together. When it came to their wedding day, it was soft and filled with touches of earthiness–their giveaways were plants and water bottles! The day itself was low-key, both the bride and groom got ready at the Magnolia Hotel, close to their venue; the reception was short and sweet and the dinner and dancing was the highlight of the evening!!

Everyone had a wonderful time, and these pictures capture what wonderful spirits both Maggie and John have. I feel like I gained new friends after capturing their wedding.

Getting Ready Location: Magnolia Hotel

Venue: Nouveau Art Bar

Hair & Make-Up: Kaydee Hodell

Flowers: Betsy Gehring and Sandra Moon

Cake: Central Market

Dress: Sottero and Midgley

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A gun in this picture because Texas!

Blog Moon Wedding97

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The topper of the cake was the likeness of their dogs–super cute!

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Maggie’s Dad had a ton of cake, which has been immortalized on Facebook.

Blog Moon Wedding339


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