Illuminated Retreat: Day 3

After a huge day on the Saturday, we all got up at dawn on the Sunday for our last session. There was a low-lying fog over the field we were shooting in, giving the pictures an eerie feel to them. The morning had two sessions happening at the same time: a young girl in a white flowing dress, and a couple where the woman was pregnant.

As we approached the area, there were deer in the field we were to photograph in, and as we approached they got spooked and ran across a narrow bridge to go to another field. I was lucky enough to get a few snaps of the animals before they disappeared.

Day 3 Girl1 webDay 3 Girl2 webDay 3 Girl3 web

That fog, right?

Then the sun came out and we got to photographing the two sets, in various areas on the fields. This young girl was up very early for us and was a great sport. I got her to twirl in her dress to get some fluidity to outfit and the picture really work.

Day 3 Girl4 webDay 3 Girl6 webDay 3 Girl8 webDay 3 Girl9 webDay 3 Girl10 bw webDay 3 Girl11 webDay 3 Girl12 webDay 3 Girl13 web

And then I popped over the couple expecting their baby. The mom-to-be was wearing a gorgeous blue dress and the dad-to-be was casual in his jeans and shirt. The love between them as palpable, and the anticipation of their new baby was seen in every shot I took. Mix that with the gorgeous setting and these pictures give me chills.

Day 3 Maternity1 webDay 3 Maternity2 bw webDay 3 Maternity4 webDay 3 Maternity5 webDay 3 Maternity6 webDay 3 Maternity7 webDay 3 Maternity8 webDay 3 Maternity9 webDay 3 Maternity10 webDay 3 Maternity11 webDay 3 Maternity12 webDay 3 Maternity13 web

I feel so lucky to have been able to go to this retreat. Jennifer Caswell did a wonderful job communicating the content of the retreat and organizing/implementing the photo sessions. The location was gorgeous, so much nature, some hills, some water, a bison and deer!

I have taken away some wonderful business tools, met some amazing photographers and am excited for what the future brings for my photography. 2016 is going to be a great year!