Jason + Melissa | Houston, TX Wedding Photographer

I have never met a couple who balance each other the way Melissa and Jason do. Doing this wedding made me believe in the yin and yang affect within relationships.Houston Wedding Photographer1Pearland Wedding Photogapher


Jason has a great group of friends, which is kind of obvious….

Houston Wedding Photographer3Houston Wedding Photographer4Houston Wedding Photographer5Houston Wedding Photographer6Pearland Wedding Photographer

Melissa’s dress fit her like a glove…it was stunning!!

Houston Wedding Photographer8Houston Wedding Photographer9Houston Wedding Photographer10

I love this quiet moment between these lovely ladies. Houston Wedding Photographer11Pearland Wedding Photographer

Mom was delighted by her daughter! And it was handy she was there to put on the veil. Totally not staged at all! 😉

Houston Wedding Photographer13Houston Wedding Photographer14Houston Wedding Photographer15Houston Wedding Photographer16

One last look before she left…it’s almost time to get married!!Houston Wedding Photographer17

See you at the ceremony!Houston Wedding Photographer18Gifts for the bridesmaids…jewelery and picture frames. Sentiment is perfection on a wedding day.

Houston Wedding Photographer19Houston Wedding Photographer20

Toes!! Let’s do this!!Houston Wedding Photographer21

Walking down the aisle! Dum dum dee dum!!

Houston Wedding Photographer22Houston Wedding Photographer23Houston Wedding Photographer24Houston Wedding Photographer25

And their eyes met…magic!Houston Wedding Photographer26

The parents loved the ceremony, it was filled with touching moments and quite a bit of laughter!

Houston Wedding Photographer27Houston Wedding Photographer28

Ohhhh that look! So much love. Gah! Warms the heart!Houston Wedding Photographer29Houston Wedding Photographer30Houston Wedding Photographer31

Married, y’all! Kiss the bride!

Houston Wedding Photographer32

That dress….am I right?

Houston Wedding Photographer34

The bride and her ladies.Houston Wedding Photographer35

The bridal party, looking dapper.Houston Wedding Photographer36

I love these connections, this is what friendship is all about.Houston Wedding Photographer38

So this is love, mmmmmmm, so this is….love.
Houston Wedding Photographer40

So this is what makes life divine!Houston Wedding Photographer41Houston Wedding Photographer43

It’s all in the details…

Houston Wedding Photographer57Houston Wedding Photographer58

It was important to honor the people who couldn’t be there. I love these pictures of their grandparents who have passed away. It touched my heart to capture this.

Houston Wedding Photographer44Houston Wedding Photographer45

The fun is about to begin!!Houston Wedding Photographer46Houston Wedding Photographer48Houston Wedding Photographer49Houston Wedding Photographer59

Houston Wedding Photographer52Houston Wedding Photographer54

And they kissed under sparklers at the end of the night. It was the perfect end to a beautiful day!

Houston Wedding Photographer56


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