SDCC 2017: Conan Returns!

It should come as no surprise that, when given the opportunity, I launched myself at attending SDCC 2017! I am going to be there doing pictures of some amazing people in their cosplay outfits. It’s going to be epic! In preparation for this, I am going to be blogging about the things I am highly anticipating.

SDCC 2017 cosplay photographer

As of now, no major announcements have been made on panels, but there are some stars who have said they will be there. Like Conan! As a newb to SDCC in general {please don’t hate me!}, I don’t know how many times Conan has done shows out there leading into the comic-con, but I saw what he did last year and it looked awesome. You can bet your butt I am going to try and get free tickets. I haven’t seen him live since he was in Canada years and years ago.

It might be time to confess that although I stalk the internet during SDCC for the new trailers, I don’t have much knowledge past that. I didn’t know about how to get tickets, but thankfully there is a Reddit thread to help. As well as the client who hired me to come out! Seriously, she was a life saver. I also had no idea about the Hotelmageddon, and in fact we bi-passed that entirely, opting for an AirBNB. In La Jolla. Oh yeah, and Robert is coming with, and he is getting a well deserved mini-vacation!

That being said, are you going to the San Diego Comic Con this year? I still have space in my schedule, let’s do some pictures! Email me at for pricing and letting me know what cosplay outfit you want to photograph!

SDCC 2017


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