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*digital files and prints are an extra fee, ordered at your ordering appointment


Since we know that the wedding day goes by so fast, we strive to stay on schedule or ahead of it so that you two have little moments to catch your breath, to look around and say “frick, we are married!”. As we capture your wedding party or couples portraits, you are laughing and your friends and family don’t feel like it is drudgery. Instead, they are exclaiming how impressed they with how fast and professional your photography team is, and how fun they are. It takes special skills to be able to make formal portraits feel effortless, and that’s exactly what happens in the S&C Experience.



The great thing about having a two photographers on your wedding day is that you can’t be two places at once on your wedding day, but we can. While your mom is first zipping up your dress one of us will be with you (most likely Christine) and the second photographer will be capturing the groom opening the letter that you wrote to him that morning. It’s all about getting to relive the little details that capture the essence of you as a couple. We also tag team the ceremony so that way if anyone cries, we have that captured.

bride and father walk down aisle at ceremony at Holy Rosary Church in Houston Texas by Swish and Click Photography



By the end of the night, we are dancing with you, laughing and singing as we capture you having the time of your life. You and your new spouse are carefree, jamming to your favorite songs, laughing with those you love best. Once you have your private last dance and laugh/kiss your way down the grand exit and say your good-byes, I take my leave and race home to upload all the files to make sure nothing happens to them. While doing this, I am obsessively going though your best moments, tearing up, so I can post a few teasers, knowing you and your family/friends are already wanting to relive your gorgeous wedding! 

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Average Investment $4300

Engagement session

High resolution images

Two photographers

Heirloom album

Branding Session

Average Investment $2500


Same day image selection

High resolution images

Commercial release

Portrait Session

Average Investment $1000


Access to studio wardrobe

90-minute session

Ordering appointment 2-3 weeks after session
*digital files and prints are an extra fee, ordered at your ordering appointment