So You Are Interested in Being a Senior Rep?

blog4C Wright Photography is transforming its High School Senior Rep Program & the pictures the studio offers. The biggest change being that the studio now offers Extreme Sports pictures as an option for students add onto their senior photo package. With these changes, C Wright Photography is looking for Reps from any place in the United States who are into sports, theatre or dance to highlight the new offering. So what does this mean exactly? Yes the studio and photographers are based out of Houston, TX but they can pack up the minimal gear required to make these shots, and come to you.

For all high school seniors or juniors who are interested, here are the details:

  • you must be a high school senior or junior for class of 2016
  • We are looking for FUN, CREATIVE, OUTGOING & ENTHUSIASTIC spokesmodels to help represent C Wright Photography for Senior Portraits
  • We are looking for models of ALL shapes and sizes, this is meant to celebrate YOU
  • Cost is $150 for the photo sessions
  • There is a $500 minimum purchase requirement for prints or picture files


In exchange you get the following:

  • Exclusive sessionsblog2
  • $100 print credit
  • If you get 3 seniors to book C Wright Photography, you get another $100 print credit
  • Designer rep cards
  • Behind the scenes montage of your photoshoot
  • Custom photo app with your images
  • BE FAMOUS! Your images will be featured on our website, blog, Facebook Fan Page and brochures!

Sounds exciting, right? If you are a student and you want to be a Rep, your first step is to show this to your parents/grandparents/guardian. From there, after you talk about it, reach out to me! or text/call me at 832-738-7924. I want to get to know you, find out what activity you do, why you love it and toss around ideas for your session–all things that are best translated over the phone.

Looking forward to hear from you!


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