Dunlavy, Houston TX Harry Potter Wedding: Carson + Katy

Carson and Katy’s The Dunlavy Houston, TX wedding was such a magical event!! And why do I say magical? Because their wedding had a delightful Harry Potter theme weaved throughout it! Do you remember when I blogged about their Harry Potter themed marriage proposal a bit ago? Well these amazing ladies are now married!!

Their wedding day was the day before New Year’s Eve, and although it was raining, it didn’t stop them from having the best time! As well, there is an old wives tale that says rain on your wedding day is good luck. As someone who had rain on their wedding day, I am going to firmly believe this tale!

Getting Ready

Carson + Katy got ready at Hotel Zaza. They got a suite with two bedrooms, so each of them could get in their gowns without the other seeing them. It was a wonderful setup, as the middle area allowed the wedding party to hang out, for hair and makeup to happen, and everyone to have fun! Carson brought the Harry Potter golden snitch ring box she made, and I brought a Harry Potter wand or two! It made for some amazing detail pictures of the rings and invitations. Both women honored their family in the jewelry they wore–Katy wearing a pearl calla lily necklace passed down from her grandmother, and Carson a silver ring that was her grandmother’s. They were perfect for each bride.

They did their family portraits at Hotel Zaza as well as signing the ketubah. The signing was a special moment, and those closest to the couple were in the room when it was signed. I might have teared up with a few of their bridesmaids…and obviously hid behind my camera! As everyone left to go to the ceremony/reception at The Dunlavy, they went by a trolley that was specifically chosen as it resembled Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express. My heart was basically exploding over these perfect Harry Potter touches!

Houston wedding gown Jimmy ChooBella Belle wedding shoes (more…)

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Harry Potter Wedding Photographer | Hufflepuff Wedding Inspiration

As the premier Harry Potter wedding photographer in Houston, I have seen and been inspired by some magical wedding ideas! As a Hufflepuff, I felt like it was time to bring the Harry Potter house into the spotlight, especially since the other houses seem to get the most attention {I am looking at you Gryffindor and Slytherin}. In fact I haven’t found any Hufflepuff wedding inspiration at all, so I wanted to get it going. Let’s also recognize that yellow is a hard color to incorporate into a wedding look because if you go too bright you blind people. Oh and if you use too much then your wedding looks like a big sunflower.

The key to Hufflepuff wedding inspiration is to be strategic where the yellow and black are utilized. I also feel like instead of a dark black, shades of darker grey and pewter could be used to make things a little less jarring. In all of the inspiration images I have amassed, I have focused on having white being the color that balances the overall look and feel of this inspiration.

Hufflepuff Wedding Inspiration


I love the intricate gold detailing on the bridal gown shown below. It’s a small but elegant way to work some Hufflepuff magic into the bridal gown. It also has an art deco feel to it that I love! I also love the shoes at the bottom as an aded golden touch for the bride.

For bridesmaid dresses I embraced the idea of gold glitter glam!! Paired with black or pewter heels, it is the perfect Hufflepuff look, while still being elegant.

Hufflepuff wedding inspiration by Harry Potter Wedding Photographer Swish and Click (more…)

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5 Harry Potter Wedding Quotes To Work Into Your Vows

Harry Potter wedding couple kissing at Arrowhead Hill in Magnolia Texas captured by Swish and Click PhotographyHarry Potter wedding quotes are timeless. And magical!! The words written by J.K. Rowling have a special place in my heart, and I feel like what is written could be put into someone’s vows, even without it being, you know, weird! Some books or movies don’t translate as well, but I feel the following 5 quotes really could be mixed in, no problem.

Harry Potter Wedding Quotes:

Quote 1

We can’t choose our fate, but we can choose others.

This quote by Dumbledore could mix in perfectly with a paragraph about fate and choosing to have someone in our lives. Marriage is us making our own families, so this quote works well with that. I love how this Harry Potter quotes does this so simply! (more…)

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Harry Potter Engagement | Carson + Katy

Can I just come out and say how obsessed I am with Carson + Katy’s marriage proposal? And when I say obsessed, I am not being dramatic. Carson put a lot of thought and effort into this proposal, wanting it to be personal, fun with just a dash of nerd. And honestly, can we really say that Harry Potter is nerdy anymore? Let’s dig into this amazing Harry Potter engagement!

The Set-Up

Carson decided not to risk inclement weather and rented a studio for the proposal–The Houston Studio! She had a vision of balloons in her head, and when I informed her of Big Ass Balloons, that’s when the magic started to happen. She got some amazing balloons, spelling the words “Marry Me” and two large balloons filled with confetti on the side.Marry me balloons at a Harry Potter marriage proposal at the Houston Rental Studio in Houston Texas captured by Swish and Click Photography


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Harry Potter Styled Engagement Session | Swish and Click Photography

Yes, a Harry Potter Styled Engagement Session

I feel like this should go without saying but, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. In my quest to show couples out there that you can pair a bit of geek with a lot of class, I conceived this Harry Potter styled engagement session. I paired with Lauren from Toast from the Host, who made my ideas come to life in the coolest of ways!

The Details

The save the dates couldn’t have been more perfect–I know the catcher/keeper verbiage is seen a lot, but paired with hand written calligraphy breathes new life into it. In fact everything is hand drawn, including the snitch! Megan from Megan Marie Calligraphy is insanely talented, I can’t even draw stick figures and she is making my Harry Potter dreams come true! And yes, the paper is ripped artistically and fringed in gold.

Harry Potter save the date invitations to the Grand Texana in Houston Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography


Next, because I am obsessed with macrons, those needed to be included. Wink by Erica put some metallic illustrations on the macrons and they instantly became Harry Potter-esque but in a cool, classy way. To not be too overt, colors other than the four houses were used. I wanted to keep it more neutral. Paired with metallic paint, they look magical! *wink*

Harry Potter macrons made by Wink by Erica at the Grand Texana in Houston Texas photographed by Swish and Click Photography



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