Texas Wedding Photographer | Sara & Matt: A Nouveau Antique Art Bar Wedding

Texas Wedding Photographer | Sara & Matt: A Nouveau Antique Art Bar Wedding

Sara and Matt had such a fun, elegant and romantic wedding!  I loved being able to be there for this Nouveau Antique Art Bar wedding – from elegant details to a seriously fun group of people, it barely felt like I was working! I was lucky that Sara brought ensured that their gorgeous details were on-hand – from the rings to the invitation to an amazing wedding gown, it made for some classically elegant images. Both the bride and the groom got ready at Magnolia Hotel, downtown.

Their Story

Sara and Matt met at Atomic CrossFit, and Sara says “I was a bit oblivious. We shared some mutual friends and so had interacted at social events. I recently went through a break up of a long distance relationship and Matt offered to keep me company.” As all great love stories go, they started watching House of Cards together and Matt would often come over to bake cookies. Although Sara was trepidatious from previous relationships she says “his humor, integrity, kind heart and total geekdom won the day.”

For Matt, he was attracted to Sara for more than her squatting abilities: “Sara has a personality that has its own gravity, it draws everyone around her in. Inherently she is obviously very out-going, but she is also very personable and easy to talk to. Combine this with an amazing sense of humor and a large dollop of self confidence and you have Sara Mendiola.”

The Proposal

When it came to propose, Matt was told he had to abide by very specific rules from Sara {I love this!!}:

  1. He could not cry
  2. It could not be on a holiday or birthday. Sara wanted that day to be special for itself
  3. Sara did not want to be in front of others
  4. They had to have dated at least a year.

Matt, being the true smart-ass that he is took those rule literally and followed them to the letter. Let’s also take a moment to enjoy that Matt is self-aware of his softer side, and is a known cryer. And watches romantic movies by himself. And probably cries by himself too 😉 Anyhoo, Matt knew there were a few complications to rule one–the only way he could propose to Sara without crying was to have no eye contact and no speaking. So after deciding against doing a toilet paper proposal, thanks to Matt’s Mom calling him an idiot, here is how it went down:

“On the drive back to Houston, everyone in their pajamas, no make-up, un-shaven, probably even un-bathed, I took the box out of my Star Wars pj pants pocket and unceremoniously plopped it in her lap (all the while staring straight forward, without saying anything). As is normal in these un-normal situations…a silence ensued as I stared out the window mutely resisting tears (rule 1 after all). After a good 5 minutes I finally turned to her and asked, “Well?” To which she responds, “What, you haven’t asked me anything.” So I stared forward again and asked if she would marry me (this whole time the child is freaking out in the car and blurts out for her to just do it already) and she said yes. And that was that, no takesy-backsy-s!”

Their Wedding

Beyond the super cool details were the sweet moments – the look of anticipation from Matt when he saw Sara for the first time to Sara’s son being the ring bearer and the emotion he had, when he handed over the rings. Sara and Matt are a super cool couple who you know love being with each other. This made for some hilariously sweet couple portraits. I think my favorite is when Sara was brushing off the lipstick off of Matt’s face, there was no way he could be serious.houston wedding photographer

Nouveau Antique Art Bar Nouveau Antique Art Bar Nouveau Antique Art Bar Nouveau Antique Art Bar Nouveau Antique Art Bar Nouveau Antique Art Bar The Nouveau Antique Art Bar is one of the coolest venues in downtown Houston for a wedding. It’s meant for more intimate weddings, as it is on the smaller side. But with all of the unique antique lamps hanging from the ceiling, you get super cool images for both the ceremony and reception! Sara and Matt’s family and friends had an amazing time at the wedding, and the dance floor was never empty. The send off at the Nouveau Antique Art Bar was fun, with glow sticks around hanging white lights. houston wedding photographer

Sarah + Matt’s Wedding Vendors

Getting Ready: Magnolia Hotel
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal
Bride’s Jewelry: Matt’s family’s heirloom ring
Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Men’s Attire: The Black Tux
Officiant: Roger Olson
Florist: Nilda Martinez
Cake and Other Desserts: Maureen’s Gourmet Bakery and Gigi’s Cupcakes
DJ/Band: Fred & Alice Subia
Save the Dates, Invitations, and/or Programs: Groom’s sister


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