Huzzah!! You just got engaged and you want to paint the town red. But just not any place will do, you want to celebrate somewhere special, somewhere that understands your geeky soul. That’s where I come in!! I made this list of top 5 places in Houston to geek out at as I discovered each one. I wanted to geek out at after getting engaged in 2010 too, when I got engaged!

These are great spots for going with your betrothed or a group of friends and family. Basically anyone in your life who understands or geeky ways and loves it.

The Hobbit Cafe

This place is a little slice of Hobbit Heaven. It’s the perfect place to geek out over getting engaged with your nearest and dearest. They have signs up all over the venue that have Gandalf, Samwise, Frodo and more to make you feel at home. Their sandwich menu has items named after different characters from the movies, and honestly it makes them seem even more enticing. The drinks come out in Hobbit themed glasses, it’s honestly a themed treat! There’s plenty of space for your gang, the food and drink are amazing, you just can’t go wrong here! My personal favorite it the fish tacos, they are so good!! Oh and they have loads of beers here, you’ll never be wanting for something new or different.Top 5 places in Houston to geek out atHobbit Cafe Houston

Neil’s Bahr

┬áBabes, Neil’s Bahr is the tits! They have weekly karaoke and movie nights, but I love their video game tournaments the most! So after getting engaged you can go here and blow off some steam! I would go with a group of family and friends and do the karaoke on a Wednesday night and sing off key! You could take strategic romantic photos with your ring with the comics and action figures that are abundant in this place. Seriously, this place would be epic to hang out at after getting engaged!Neil's Bahr Houston Neil's Bahr Houston

Board Game Cafes

Anything that has to do with games is where I want to be after getting engaged. When doing karaoke, I need a few drinks. To beat your butt at a game? I don’t require any alcohol! Asgard Games is one of the places I can do this at! It is centered towards people who do organized games like Magic, but it is still a cool place.Asgard Games Houston

Want to go with your friends and family somewhere a little more generic but still gamey? Tea + Victory is the place to be! They have a ton of games and a killer menu. I had the queso {yum!} and also a latte. Their brunch menu is effing impressive and I love how they committed to supporting local!Tea and Victory Houston Top 5 Places in Houston to Geek out at

8th Wonder Comics & Games

This place has a bit of a Big Bang Theory comic book store vibe to it! This would be a good stop for just you and your sweetie after getting engaged, as it isn’t as much a hangout place. But it would be cool to look at your favorite comics and taking instagram story photos with your ring!! Or possibly bring your wedding photographer to capture you there. In fact this is one of my favorite stops when I capture engagement photos. It’s a great place to pick up a memento of your being newly engaged!8th Dimension Houston8th Dimension Houston

Geek Life

This lovely place is a lot like 8th Wonder, Geek Life sells nerdy fun things from board games to comics to toys and books. Again, a super cool place to do photos with your ring! They also have fun themed nights to bring your friends and family, if they are as nerdy as you. Again, this is another favorite stop of mine for engagement photos! Especially because they have great natural light with all the windows in their cottage-like place. You know I am a sucker for natural light!Geek Life Houston

Let’s Get Magical Together

I might be biased, but hiring someone as rad as me to capture you celebrating your engagement at these cool places, or for your wedding in general, is my jam! We will geek out over our shared passions, make Dad jokes the entire time and have a blast.

Ready to become best friends? Tell me all about your wedding plans! Because I want to know them all!

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Top 5 Places in Houston to Geek out at

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