Two Magical Venues in Houston

Two Magical Venues in Houston

These two magical venues in Houston are fantastic places for couples to get married at. They both have dedicated owners and staff which helps make a wedding run smoothly. I also love how they are both totally different, but magical in their own way! Like my previous post, one of them is located near downtown Houston, and the other is a plantation style venue on the outskirts of Houston. I love both styles, and honestly if I were getting married I would have a hard time deciding on the vibe I want.

Ashton Gardens

Ashton Gardens has two venues in Houston, one on the north side, one on the west side. Both venues have getting ready rooms for the couple, a gorgeous chapel to get married in and stunning ballrooms! As like in other venues, I have a huge crush on the chandeliers in their ballrooms. And their chapel has floor to ceiling glass windows, making ceremony photos gorgeous. I have a special love for the ballroom at the north location because of all the windows there. They are floor to ceiling, and wrap around the space. It gets flooded with so much natural light, and makes my photographer heart happy!!

As for its size, both venues have space for 400 people. With at least ten pews on each side of the chapel, there is plenty of seating. Some for the ballroom, all of the weddings I have captured at both locations, have had over 12 tables, seating 10 people per table. They also have a 5-star chef on staff at both locations, and I have loved all the food I have had from them. Seriously! I have never had a bad experience at either location and get excited when I see an inquiry from a couple and they have booked this venue!

Two Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston

The Bell Tower on 34th

The Bell Tower on 34th is a very unique venue for so many reasons. First off, the architecture combined with the greenery is just a mood. An elegant, gorgeous mood. We have to give some serious love to their water wall, with the archways. Talk about making it easy for the couple to have gorgeous looking images!! Inside they have several winding stairways, chandeliers with character that is meant to remind you of an Italian villa. This venue has also invested in the food, by hiring an executive chef to make the food consistent {and delicious}. In fact, the food is so badass, one of my grooms was convinced of the venue because of the food. This groom is a chef. He was bougie about his food preferences and Bell Tower exceeded them.

Size wise, this venue is great, allowing for up to 1200 people. I have loved the dance floors at this venue, they have ample room to allow for crazy dancing or a roaring Aggie War Hymn! This venue also has a baller look for grand exits, with their big doors and large archways. Every exit I have captured there has been gorgeous.

Two-Magical-Venues-in-Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in HoustonTwo Magical Venues in HoustonTwo Magical Venues in Houston Two Magical Venues in Houston

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Two Magical Venues in Houston

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