Two Talented Wedding Invitation Designers in Houston

Two Talented Wedding Invitation Designers in Houston

When thinking about wedding invitation designers in Houston, there is a lot that goes into this choice. To be honest, when I got married, I was overwhelmed with the decision. How did I want the invitations to look? What kind of paper? And let’s not get started on the font! As someone who is completely indecisive on these things, just starting was a big deal to me. Since joining the wedding world, I have to say I have met some amazing people, including invitation designers! The two featured today are women I have worked with on styled shoots and who are talented in totally different ways.

My Urban Invites

My Urban Invites caters to couples who have a distinct vision for their wedding stationary. I met Ashley and her amazing invitations a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since! If you they are having a problem finding what they see in their head at online shops, this is the place they need to come! Ashley, the visionary and artist behind the business, is amazing. They do cool stuff like velvet enclosed invitations. Acrylic invitations! Invitation suites with bows or monograms. Their laser cutting is stunning! It’s amazing the things they can do. Ashley and her team are so freaking creative, that any couple who has a distinct vision for their invitations will be able to have it come true with them. Seriously, just look at the pictures below to get an idea of what they can do.

Wedding Invitation Designers in Houston Wedding Invitation Designers in Houston My Urban Invites My Urban Invites

Black Paper Creative

Black Paper Creative does some seriously amazing wedding invitations! I met this designer’s work at a shoot, and it blew me away! Not afraid of color, the suites Gia designs are stunning and creative! I love her obsession with making invitation linings a conversation piece. She makes invitations that are not only a feast for the eyes, but are elegant. As someone who isn’t afraid of pop, color and personality, her invitation suites speak to me! Check out some of her amazing stuff below:

Wedding Invitation Designers in HoustonWedding Invitation Designers in HoustonBlack Paper Creative Black Paper Creative

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