What to Wear for Your Engagement Session {Ladies Guide}

engagement sessionAn engagement session is the perfect time for you and your partner to show off your connection and uniqueness. Everyone has a love story, but more than that, you have special reasons why you have stayed together. Mine? Robert and I loved Survivor {the TV show} and from there we jumped into other shows and movies. We are both competitive and silly and that has helped us keep our spark alive. In fact I talk about our love story a lot on my Instagram, you should check it out.


First rule of thumb for your engagement session: do not match 100%. Nothing screams 1985 than wearing white shirts and blue jeans in an effort to coordinate. Unless you are doing this as a sarcastic gesture, and in that case, may I suggest a button down white shirt? But in all seriousness, coordinating is the key. Start with yourself, and choose colors that make you feel good about yourself. An excellent rule of thumb is to not go too bright, as you want the focus to be on you and your partner. Instead wear softer shades of your favorite color and pair it with some neutrals. It will look soft and romantic. If you do want to have a pop of color, I encourage it with the shoes and accessories {or props!}


For your engagement session it’s up to you, but my preference is dressy. This is the warm-up to your wedding day and there is a good chance you will be sending an image out on a save the date card or getting it printed to display at your wedding. This is why I am not recommending jeans as the part of your core look. Dresses and skirts flatter the female body, plus when you incorporate dancing and movement with them, the images truly come alive. So if you have been eyeing a tulle skirt or a certain dress, I am 110% encouraging you to buy it and wear it! The more flowy and movement the dress has, the better, as it captures well on-camera. Let’s have some fun & make you feel beautiful.engagement photography

Finishing Touches

Jewelry and shoes! I have this Kendra Scott necklace I love, it sits in the perfect spot on my neck and it glitters. But it’s also small, and I notice in pictures it gets lost. And that is my fun story as to why your jewelry needs to be a bit bigger and flashier for your engagement session. When I capture you, I will be photographing your neckline, your jewelry and a necklace with some size to it adds visual interest without taking away from the ring. In fact, consider it a glittery backdrop for your ring! One of my favorite designers is A. Tak Crafts, her necklaces are beautiful and statement pieces!

houston wedding photographerShoes are another area you can play in. If your outfit is neutrals, you can have blush shoes to match, but you also can have shoes with bright pops of color! If you want to add a bit more personality in {maybe you are a huge Disney fan}, there are beautiful classy ways to do this. Check out the beautiful Beauty and the Beast shoes that were playfully designed off Dolce & Gabbana’s 2013 line.houston engagement photographer


This is one of the areas I love the most! Props let you show off your personality, and it doesn’t have to be over the top either. Plus props don’t have to be nerdy or weird, flowers are a totally valid lifestyle choice! And flowers make your images feel more “bridal”, which is perfect.

But what if you do want to add some stronger pizzaz to your images? I say keep the props in theme with your love story or shared passions. If you have read any of my previous blogs or follow me on Instagram, you know I love Harry Potter, and will find any reason to incorporate it into my daily life. So me encouraging the use of wands and magic in your session should come as no surprise. But there are other things you can do, and if you do it in a subtle and classy way, your pictures will be fun and timeless.Harry Potter engagement session

Harry Potter proposalHarry Potter engagement session

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