Weddings, It’s All in the Details

I was once told by a wedding planner that the main things people remember of a wedding is what the bride wore, the emotion of the vows, the food, music and dancing. She obviously wasn’t a photographer when she told us that details were nice but if we wanted to spare costs, not to invest too heavily in them. It makes sense as a budget bride not to go crazy on spending for table centers, flowers and the like, but as a photographer, it’s the little things that put together a wedding. I find that every couple has a unique back story, like my husband and I met on a Survivor themed website, so when it came to our wedding, there were little Survivor touches in it. As well we share a love for nerdy things like Harry Potter, as did our guests, so there were some impressive gifts with Harry Potter wrapping paper, wands, etc. It made the wedding more personal and fun!

Below are some of my favorite touches to a wedding, from a photographer’s standpoint.

The Welcome Table

Sure you have the guestbook hanging out there, but you also have cool things like possibly an X-Men comic or pictures of the two of you! Or Harry Potter wands or romantic quotes that mean something to you. This table is a prime opportunity to tell your love story and let your nerdy side fly, if that floats your boat.

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Table Centers

This is similar to your welcome table, as it can continue to tell the story of your love, or it is a place to show off some beautiful flowers or gems, giving the space some ambiance. Some couples put the guest gift in the middle for their guests.

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Flowers are a wonderful detail for the day. For my wedding I dyed my flowers blue, as my colors were blue and brown. They were beautiful! Each wedding I have photographed has had different bouquets and it is one of my favorite things to get the wedding bands and shoot them in the flowers. They also make a great table center, if you want to save some money.

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This is another prime time to add a little glamour or nerd flair to your wedding theme. I see brides going mostly for the glamour route, but guys will be a little more non-traditional with tie clips or cufflinks. Because I live in Houston, I see a lot of brides wearing cowboy boots down the aisle, but I have also seen my fair share of converse shoes and name-brand stiletto’s.

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In the south the groom’s cake is a must, but where I used to live in Canada, it was unheard of! As a photographer, I love all cakes–one of my best friends got married over the summer and the headers on their cake were Star Wars themed. Below are some of my favorite cakes that I have captured thus far.

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Little Touches

There are some things that go beyond the tables and the flowers and the cakes–it’s things like a photo booth or other small things that keep the fun going during a wedding.  Below are some great examples of things that capture well and keep the guests happy!!

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